The Fallen Lands: The Ruins of Numinis



After discussing Ginni’s visions with the party, Malidar, Rangrim, Rhio, and Ginni returned to what would soon be named the “Well of Blood,” the market square in Farmington. The Sons were mustering again, this time to find volunteers to either go out to Tower Rock and find more conscripts, head out to more distant cities, or go out into the desert to retrieve the leaders who were waiting there. Malidar volunteered the party for this third task, and they joined some two dozen other troops, including the contingent heading towards Tower Rock. They met briefly with Daniel Solis to relay their knowledge and asked him to forewarn any innocents on the way. They also sent word to the Keeper temple to warn Mortimer about the potential fallout, and to beware of enemies within as well as without.

A week out, scouts alerted the tiefling leader to a large squad of Road Wardens heading their way. The force was divided, with Malidar’s team and four other Sons cutting off the vanguard, and the rear guard demolishing the rest of the train.

After some discussion, the party determined to try not to kill the Wardens, but maintaining their cover was more important than sparing all the Wardens’ lives. During the battle, Rhio lashed out angrily at one of the Wardens, both Malidar and Rangrim pulled their punches, and Ginni restricted herself to trying to inform the Wardens about their unknown allies and tricking the goblin blackblade into back-stabbing his kobold friend. The two squabbled and, eventually, both were cut down.

With all four of the Sons defeated and the remaining Sons army rushing up, Malidar quickly loaded the only unconscious Warden onto their leaders’ saddle and gave her a message. “Beware the orcs— all the monstrous humanoids are not to be trusted. They’re raising an army. Now— GO!” Confused, she fled with her companions.

The Sons arrived, hauling the remaining Wardens, bound, and the tiefling demanded to know why the party hadn’t slaughtered the vanguard. The former hobgoblin leader was blamed and his body ravaged by furious orcs. The Sons then participated in another blood rage ritual, destroying the captured Wardens. Shielding herself from the ritual, Ginni stepped back into a bush, the roars of rage and mayhem drowning out the sound of her being rather abruptly sick. Rangrim noted her absence and quietly took up a position, shielding her from the view of the other soldiers.



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