Mortimer Greyjaw



Mortimer has short brown hair and goatee with a shock of grey fading from his furrowed forehead. He’s of a medium-light build with green eyes, and perfect posture. He stands at 6’, weighs 168 lbs. and is 29 years old.


Mortimer is a staunch observer of only speaking truths. He has omitted in times of absolute crises but traditionally will stick to the truth in almost any situation. Mortimer is on a quest of recovery. He has been tasked with recovering any artifacts or pieces of information which will fit the puzzle of missing history left behind by the cataclysm. He is also on a personal quest to recover lost memories. He recalls most of his young life, but has gaps in memory which leave voids of confusion in his career. Mortimer is a strong believer in the idea that any information can be plucked from a shared consciousness, once you understand the way of the universe. He hopes one day to transcend the shackles of common thought and firmly believes that regaining his lost memories will help him do so. He can come off as a bit of an eccentric sometimes, and can be found staring off into nothingness, trying to pierce some veil in the world. Mortimer despises Bards, viewing them as flamboyant wastrels, lawlessly altering information and wantonly spreading rumors and gossip. Their abuse of information is unforgivable to him. He is also a wine enthusiast.

Arcane Familiar: Muse Sprite Persimonn the Muse Sprite was partnered with Mortimer by the Keepers in order to suppliment his skills and provide council in times of uncertainty. Despite Persimonn’s expertise in learned practices, he is still sprite in nature and taxes Mortimer with his high energy antics, and sultry sarcasms. If Everyone could understand what Persimonn said, Mortimer and any of his companions would probably be landed in so much greif that they would snuff the troublesome sprite out, or abandon him at the nearest grove.

Mortimer Greyjaw

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