K'var'kesh- Dynamic Tratnyr +2

A weapon gifted by the Emperor?


Tratnyr- Superior Melee Weapon- can also be used as a heavy thrown ranged weapon 10/20. Prof. bonus +2, d8 [W] Damage.
Dynamic Weapon- (Encounter)- Minor action- Change the weapon into any weapon from any weapon catagory. As a minor action you can end this effect (changing it back to a tratnyr).


K’var’kesh is a dwarven word roughly translated to mean “the path of many deaths”. Malidar believes that this weapon was gifted to him by the Emperor himself. It seems like the perfect weapon in his hands, allowing him the tactical flexability to attack at range when needed, or to (typically) transform into a longsword for extra accuracy in melee.

K'var'kesh- Dynamic Tratnyr +2

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