Vagabond's Die

What, this die? Of COURSE, it's not loaded...


Power (Daily * Varies): Minor Action. You target a creature of your choice within 10 squares and roll a d6.
1: Drunkard’s Mug. The target takes a –2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of its next turn.
2: Gambler’s Dice. Roll a d20. If the result is even, the target takes damage equal to the result. If the result is odd, the target regains hit points equal to the result.
3: Jester’s Chair. The target falls prone.
4–5: Soldier’s Fist. The first attack that hts the target before the end of your next turn deals 2d6 extra damage.
6: Storm’s Fury. The target and all creatures adjacent to it take 1d10 lightning damage.


Found in the rubble of Velnias’ final destruction before their flight from Duran, this particular bauble has found its way into Rhio’s deft hands.

Vagabond's Die

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