The Fallen Lands: The Ruins of Numinis

Infiltration and a Bit of Revenge

Disguised, by use of a ritual supplied by the SOO, the party infiltrated an orc band heading for Farmington. They can’t seem to get away from this accursed town! They did some investigation and learned that there are tiefling leaders who seem to be loosely controlling the Sons of the Beast and the Sons’ irregular recruits.

The party went about honorably evicting someone from their home for a few days, then found themselves hired on by one Sethus, to rob a local fabric merchant. Sethus seemed unfamiliar with these “orcs” and wasn’t cautious enough when counting her money. Thus, she was more than a bit surprised when the orcs turned tables on her, attacking both viciously and with a wider arsenal of arcane powers than she might have expected. The party locked her down severely, preventing her escape for several seconds, but at the last minute, bloodied and defensively invisible, she slipped out the door and bolted away.

Lots of Talk

The party met with Jovan Redfur, the SOO, who told them to meet a Sons of the Beast contact in an inn outside of Az (?). They rode off into the sunset, met a half-orc lady proprieteress, who introduced them to their contacts, a pair of shadar-kai from the Shadowfell.

The shadar-kai explained the background of the smoke bottle, which is caused by necromantic magic, and which was bottled by the Raven Queen and placed in this realm for safety. Unfortunately, this realm’s sociopolitical structures were not as stable as expected, and many of the bottles have been disturbed. The Raven Queen knows when one is used, but she does not always know if one has been removed from its hiding place.

Ginni asked some very pointed questions about how one would go about expanding the area of effect of the bottles. Rangrim learned that the smoke in the dwarven caves is the same smoke as that in the bottle, and exists due to an unseen leak. The caves are serving as its bottle for now. The party revealed to the shadar-kai that they have one of the bottles, but are not willing to return it until they can be confident the shadar-kai will be able to securely neutralize it.

The party has been asked by the half-orc to infiltrate the Sons of the Beast and learn about their plans to find the crypt of Gruumsh.

Chapter Four
Hunters, Beasts, and the task at Hand

Day 29 (and recent events)

  • Lina and Mortimer have left the party in order to pursue other tasks.
  • The party encountered Ginni; who demanded to join the others in a tense confrontation. The party accepts her into the group.
  • The PCs spend two weeks hiding out in Farmenton at the Red Man Inn.
  • Mortimer sends them a message from the Keeper temple stating that a man identifying himself as a Soo has asked for them.
  • As the PCs leave they encounter the bounty hunter called Sethus. They fight. Sethus escapes.
  • The PCs must get away from roving bands of thugs from the Sons of the Beast who have been hired by Sethus to find them.
  • Ginni and Rhio make their way across the city under disguise to meet with Mortimer. The person identified as the Soo is not present.
  • Mortimer’s pixie companion delivers a message to Malidar and Rangrim to stay put in the hiding spot. Rhio and Ginni stay the night at the Keeper Temple.

Day 30

*The PCs left town to meet with a Soo contact in the small town of Az.
*The PCs meet with Jovan Refir, a Soo, and his companions in the Mangy Gnoll Inn. Jovan’s companions are two Shadar-Kai, Draven and Lillith, agents sent from the Shadowfell to find out what is going on with the Shroud.
*The PCs do a great deal of talking with the Shadar-Kai and Jovan. The PCs are tasked with infiltrating the Sons of the Beast and finding out their plans.

Day 31 (Part 1)
*The PCs are changed to look like Orcs with a ritual and they are given a potion that will give them the ability to speak the Orc tongue. They join up with a group of Sons that are making their way to Farmenton.
*The PCs learn that there has been a general call out to all Sons of the Beast to gather in Farmenton in the old industrial/warehouse quarter.
*The PCs bear witness to the brutal change that the city has undergone since the Sons are present. The PCs relocate a family from their home by paying for their housing at nearby inn.
*The PCs meet with their contact Daniel Solis. He runs a general store that is monster friendly and he acts as a spy for the Soo.
*While sitting around in a inn they are hired by Sethus to assist her with a break in at a local shop. The PCs attack Sethus as she is counting the money from the robbery. She turns invisible and barely escapes the attack.

Day 31 (Part 2)
*The PCs join a gathering of Sons in a nearby market square. The Sons are organizing for a night raid on the stronghold of a rival gang called the Bloody Hands.
*The PCs are tasked with clearing on part of a tenement building and capturing the Bloody Hands members as prisoners. They capture several of the gang members, but are suspicious of wy prisoners are being taken.
*The PCs witness a Tiefling rouse the gathered Sons into a fury. He kills the Bloody Hands leader and captures his blood in a twisted bottle, exactly like the bottle the Shroud is kept in. The Tiefling exhorts the crowd into a bloody frenzy.
*The PCs escape the influence of the dark magic causing the blood frenzy in the Sons and bear witness to an epic rampage across the the quarter where the Sons have taken over. Hundreds are killed, raped, or mutilated and part of the city burns.
*The PCs share revelations about how their contact with the dark magic of the blood rage has roused memories of times in the past when they let rage overtake them and how they were able to overcome it.

Day 32
*The PCs survey the damage to the city. Several hundreds fled the city in fear during the night.
*The PCs compile a report and meet with Daniel Solis to exchange information.
*The PCs join a gathering of Sons at the market square, now re-christened the Well of Blood. They are given a choice of several tasks to undertake for the Sons.
*The PCs choose to accompany a group towards the town of Tower Rock. They will then split off and act as an Honor Guard to accompany the five leaders of the Sons of the Beast back to Farmenton.
*During the trip the group finds and ambushes a large patrol of Road Wardens. The PCs pull their punches and assist some of the Wardens to get away. Several of the Wardens were captured by the Sons.
*The Tiefling leading the group calls up the blood rage again and the captured Wardens are ripped apart in a frenzy. The PCs again resist the dark magic, but are beginning to recognize how corrupting the influence of it is and that repeated exposure is dangerous.
*The group makes camp for the night.

Campaign Recap
A simple point by point recap of the campaign events

The PCs are:
Rangrim: Dwarven Fighter and mercenary from the city of Silverhome in the mountain.
Lina DeLana: Half Elven Ranger looking for her family after she found her home village destroyed.
Malidar: Human Warlord and former Warden and Town Watchman from Duran.
Valyen: Human Bard and self proclaimed Scion on the Numinis Empire.

Chapter One

Day One
• The PCs are hired in Cortay by an Eladrin named Thorn to help him retrieve an item from the nearby ruins of a former settlement called Ecclesia.
• The PCs kill a clockwork dragon under Ecclesia and Thorn retrieves a magic cluster of rough crystals called the Heart of Fire. Thorn takes the item to a town called Ouray in the mountains.
• The PCs head to the town of Mancus to sleep.
Day Two
• The PCs save a young woman named Kara Marsk from a mob in town accusing her of witchcraft. The PCs agree to accompany her to Hesperus where her Uncle lives.
• The PCs save a Halfling in a tree from the goblins that are trying to kill him. His name is Haldar. He knows Kara and would like to go to Hesperus with the PCs. He knows where the goblin lair is.
• The PCs kill the goblins in the lair and encounter strange shape-shifting creatures and a Hobgoblin priest that invokes the name Graxnorn the Formless.
• The PCs deliver Kara and Haldar to Hesperus. They meet Kara’s Uncle, Serger Marsk.
Day Three
• The PCs are told of the increasing goblin raids and agree to go to the nearby ruins of Mayday to deal with the large goblin lair located there.
• The PCs fight goblins and are met again with an invocation of Graxnorn the Formless.
• The PCs talk to the deposed goblin leader and hear of new aggressive leadership that has taken hold. The former goblin leader blames this aggression on an expedition to the nearby tomb of Felgar the Goblin King.
• The PCs kill the new leader and broker an agreement with the goblins to work with the people of Hesperus to live in harmony.
• The PCs return to Hesperus and give a full report. The people of Hesperus like the idea of working with the goblins of Mayday.

Day Four (Part I)
• The PCs decide to investigate Felgar’s tomb.
• The PCs find goblins excavating the tomb and are met again with invocations of Graxnorn.
• The goblin leader in the tomb had red skin and small horns sprouting from his head.
• The PCs find the actual tomb passages and enter them. They find the sarcophagus of Felgar.
• The PCs fight the spectre of Felgar and his honor guard.
• The PCs find two bottles filled with odd smoke that seems to move about the bottle on its own. Rangrim knows what it is, but says nothing.

Day Four (Part II)
• The PCs return to Hesperus and find people stacking dead bodies outside the gate. A small band of goblins attacked the outpost in broad daylight with no warning. Unusual behavior. Wardens were stopped in town and helped out. Two were sent to scout.
• It begins to rain very hard.
• The scouts return to report that a small army of goblinoids is garrisoned in a ruined tower several miles away. A company of them left and are approaching Hesperus.
• The PCs ready for the battle and fight off an attack on Hesperus. A huge beast called a Guulvorg smashes the gate. Two of the four Wardens in town die in defense of the community.
• After the battle Serger Marsk finds Kara dead in her room. Her throat has been cut.

Day Four (Part III)
• The PCs gather everyone in Hesperus into the common room to question them.
• Lina and Valyen move out to the buildings to search and take individual residents with them to search buildings.
• Rangrim and Malidar get drunk and leave to find shovels and bury the bodies of the slain.
• A disturbance in the common rooms draws the attention of Lina and Valyen. They find one of the travelers slain and a pentagram, drawn in blood and ringed with flame, on the floor of the room. One young woman is crying and professing how sorry she is. The bottles of smoke are missing from the PCs possessions.
• The PCs learn that the lover of the young woman, named Harrsion, stole the bottles, killed the man, and disappeared in a flash of light from the pentagram. No one in town really recalls Harrison as worthy of notice.
• Rangrim is very worried and tells the others about the nature of the smoke in the bottles. It is capable of raising the dead. The smoke is the reason that the dwarven mountains have been sealed off. The dead walk inside the mountain.

Chapter Two

Day Five
• The PCs are asked by the Wardens to explore and possibly attack the goblinoid tower. The Wardens will ride to Duran for reinforcements in case the PCs fail.
• The PCs find the farm town of Red Mesa wrecked and burned. Very few dead bodies are found.
• The PCs find the tower and witness a caravan of carts filled with human prisoners leaving the tower. The PCs surmise that the people are the former residents of Red Mesa.
• The PCs attack the tower and kill all of the goblins inside.
• The PCs encounter smoke on the ground as they are leaving the tower. It is the strange smoke from the bottles. The smoke is coming from a trap door in the ground.
• The PCs find a defaced statue of the Emperor that has grown horns underground.
• The PCs find and fight Harrison in an underground graveyard. Harrison is aided by animated pools of blood and walking corpses. Harrison reveals himself to be some sort of monster under his human façade. He can control the smoke and he calls it by a name, The Shroud.
• The PCs kill Harrison and barely escape. The smoke turns into a whirlwind and scours the room clean. The body of Harrison is not found. The PCs recover one bottle of The Shroud. The other is spent.
• The PCs also find a slave manifest. Among the names/descriptions are Lina’s mother and niece. The slaves are to be sold in Farmenton and Duran.
• The PCs find the statue of the Emperor has been healed and is holding a Sword and wearing armor. An inscription on the statue reads “Choose a Champion’s Weapon.”
• The PCs rest in the tower.

Day Six

The PCs are:
Rangrim: Dwarven Fighter and mercenary from the city of Silverhome in the mountain.
Lina DeLana: Half Elven Ranger looking for her family after she found her home village destroyed.
Malidar: Human Warlord and former Warden and Town Watchman from Duran.
Mortimer: A young human wizard with a thirst for knowledge, but a less than perfect memory

• Valyen wanders deliriously into the wild and is not seen again.
• The Warden reinforcements are in Hesperus when the PCs return. The PCs state their intent to go to Farmenton to search for the slaves. A wizard named Mortimer asks to accompany them.
• Mortimer is working as a Warden, but is also a Seeker. Seekers are the field recruits of the Keepers organization. Mortimer has contacts in Farmenton that the PCs can probably tap.
• The PCs meet Mortimer’s contact in Farmenton, a Keeper named Trappa. They recount the incident under the tower. Trappa is visibly shaken by talk of walking dead and devil beasts. He offers to do some research for them.
• The PCs go to the Pig and Whistle tavern and meet with Arland Speccer, a dwarf friend of Rangrim.
• They recount their recent adventures and gather info about slavers, the Shroud, and the current climate in the city.
• The PCs learn that a group called the Sons of the Beast has had a strong presence in town. This is unusual because they usually stick to the rural outposts and the outskirts of the city. Arland expresses concern about this.

Day Seven
• The PCs talk further with Mortimer about the Shroud and are convinced to give the Keepers info about it.
• The PCs spend the day shopping and trying to gather info. No success.
• The PCs meet with Trappa again and show him the bottle of shroud that they possess. Trappa desperately wants the PCs to leave it with the Keepers for safekeeping. There is a heated argument. Trappa convinces them to meet with the head of the Keeper order locally. Trappa will make arrangements and send a messenger.

Day Eight
• In the morning the PCs run into Seggi Stonehewer at the Pig and Whistle. He is an old friend of Malidar and a Warden. He talks of Hesperus and the PCs state that they were there. He asks if they know about the uprising at Cortay. He tells them that many of the dwarf settlements have closed their gates to any travelers.
• The PCs show him the slave manifest. He gives a little info about the Sons of the Beast.
• The PCs ask Arland if he has any “shady” contacts that can gather info for them. He will contact one.
• The PCs go with Seggi to the Warden HQ in Farmenton. They meet with Jonas Ironjaw. They explain about the slaves. Jonas deputizes them as Wardens, but stresses that Wardens have no authority in town.
• The PCs return to the Pig and Whistle to meet with their “shady” contact, Marus Balden. He is a greasy, disheveled, mess and wants to be paid for his services. The PCs tell him what sort of info they want and to be discreet.
• A messenger from the head of the Keeper Order, Garn Stronghand, comes to retrieve the PCs. The PCs exchange info with him and get some direction. Garn asks them to investigate the shantytowns for info about the slaves.
• The PCs return to the Pig and Whistle. There is a ruckus outside the bar and the beaten body of Marus Balden is tossed in through the front door.
• The PCs fight Hobgoblins and an Orc spellcaster. They beat the hobgobs, but the Orc escapes using a circle drawn in blood to teleport. The hobgobs are all branded with the symbol of the Sons of the Beast.
• The Watch responds to the violence. They bully the PCs and ask for bribes to not arrest them. They leave without any incident.
• Malidar informs the PCs that the Wardens have a “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy.

Day Nine
• The PCs are given some info left by Marus with Arland written on parchment. They follow the leads they have and are guided to a slum outside of the city called Shit Town.
• The PCs find several items including a parchment with unknown writing. Mortimer is able to translate it partially.
• The PCs go to Shit Town at the prescribed time and find a huge slave auction going on. It is being run by the Orc they fought the night before. The slaves are brutally degraded to demonstrate loyalty, constitution, and lack of resistance. After watching for some time, the PCs see Lina’s mother and niece displayed onstage for sale.
• The PCs engage in a bidding war with another patron over Lina’s relatives. Lina shanks the other bidder, killing him. The PCs are exposed. They fight and kill many slavers.
• In the commotion the unsold slaves are gathered and carted off. This includes Lina’s family. The PCs catch a brief glimpse of Harrison among the slavers. Lina fires an arrow with a note onto the cart with her family.
• The PCs are greeted by Willow Tallowhand, cousin to Malidar, and member of the Sentinels of Order. He exposes the rival bidder as a humanoid with red skin and horns. He takes the PCs to a secure location to talk.

Day Ten
• Willow briefs the PCs on the current situation.
o The Sons of the Beast are taking over and organizing the smaller Farmenton gangs.
o The Sons are behind the slave trade.
o There are more slaves being taken then are being sold. The excess must be somewhere.
o The horned humanoids have appeared suddenly and they are unsure of who or what they are.
• Willow is a member of the Sentinels of Order (Soo). They are a secret organization within the Keepers. They monitor activity in the lands to make sure that tyrants and warlords do not take power. They are keeping watch until a suitable leader begins to gather strength.
• The Soo task the PCs with scouting and possibly attacking a stronghold that the Sons of the Beast keep on the outskirts of the Wastes. Not quite into the Feywild, but close enough to feel it. The Soo feel that slaves may be kept there. They give the PCs some magic loots and a map.

Day Eleven
• The PCs find the stronghold on the edge of the Wastes. It is in the middle of a large scrubland with no other buildings or settlements nearby. Seems out of place.
• The PCs watch for awhile to get a feel for the patrols. They argue with Mortimer who does not want to go in.
• The PCs jump a patrol and eliminate them before they can sound an alert. They botch the climb over the wall and alert a small group of guards. They hastily dispatch the guards.
• The PCs survey the grounds. There are several dozen cages of slaves and a central building. The PCs infiltrate and fight their way to the backdoor of the main building.
• The PCs break in and find a door behind which there is a great deal of noise. Rushing winds, strange chanting, primal screaming, and the strong pull of magical energy.
• Behind the door the PCs see several robed figures arrayed around a portal to the right and an altar with steps to the left. Lina’s mother is chained to the altar.
• The PCs attack
o Malidar throws a javelin into the robed figure kneeling in front of the portal. It screams and falls forward. The hood falls away revealing it to be Lina’s niece. The portal swirls and pulls the blood and body of the girl, along with the other robed figures into the portal. There is a bestial roar from the portal.
o Lina goes to rescue her mother and when she cuts the bonds comes face to face with the monstrous form of Harrison. Her mother is not in the room.
• A huge devil beast and a couple of smaller winged devils fly from the portal. The PCs manage to win the fight. When the PCs kill Harrison, a bestial voice calls from the portal and beckons “Velnias, you have failed. Return to me!” He turns into a flight of Ravens and flies thru the portal. The portal begins to collapse and suck everything into it.
• The PCs escape, free several of the slaves, and find Lina’s mother in the process.
• The stronghold is completely wiped out a sucked into a portal resembling a black vortex that reaches into the sky. The event leaves a scar in the ground that leads to ???
• The PCs use their magic campsite to rest.

Day Twelve (Part I)
• The PCs are resting. Rangrim is on watch and he see a beam of red light and things moving around the area of the scar. It looks as though they came up from the scar. The figures are several humanoids. They stop near the magic camp and the PCs overhear their conversation.
• Four of the humanoids change their shapes to resemble the PCs. They talk of smashing the PCs reputation and killing their allies. They duplicates walk off toward Farmenton. The players are very upset with the DM.
• The PCs finish their (extended) rest. They return to town and go to check in at the Pig and Whistle. They find people gathered outside the building. The interior has been burned and several charred bodies are visible. People ouside the tavern say it was burned by people who wielded white fire. The PCs find writing etched into the wood of the bar; “My descent is the story of every man. I am Hatred, Darkness, and Despair.”
• The PCs go to check in at the Warden HQ and find a commotion. Apparently, a dwarf, elf woman, and two humans attacked the place, killed several people, and tried to burn it. The Watch and Wardens are very upset. They head to a cloth shop owned by a friend of Lina and put together disguises. They GTFO of town.
• They stop for the night and on Rangrim’s watch they see some people walking on the road. They overhear the conversation and it is relating to the PCs. The PCs attack. They fight a horned humanoid like at the slave auction, 4 spectral wolves, 2 walking (and talking) skeletons, and a huge monster skeleton. The monsters come to the fight in vortex of black energy from the sky.
• The PCs capture the horned humanoid for questioning. He bears a resemblance to the ancient humans of Numinis. He is wearing a Numinisan amulet that is likely 1000 years old. The PCs are going to take him to Duran for ???

Day Twelve (Part II)
• The same night, Lina is on watch. She sees the ghostly figure of her niece who states that Lina must come with her as “They are coming for the shroud. They know where you are.” Lina leaves the camp to follow her niece and does not wake the others.
• A clap of thunder and following shockwave wakes the rest of the party. They see that Lina is gone. They track her and find that she has crossed a log bridge over a thorny chasm. She is talking to a small girl. They are freaked out. They fight some buggy monsters.
• Lina’s niece leads them to a wrecked farmhouse. There is a pulsing portal here and several unnatural creatures looming about. The PCs fight the beasts and barely survive.
• Lina’s niece prompts the PCs to look into the portal before it fades.
o They see Arland, owner of the Pig and Whistle, surrounded by bodies in his bar. The perspective shifts and the PCs see themselves surrounding Arland. The perspective shifts again and Arland is curing at the PCs. Swearing about betrayal and retribution. He swears to fight to his death. As he charges the PCs, the scene goes black. The PCs saw the past.
o The PCs see Willow Tallowhand talking to them. He gestures and they all walk away. The PCs are seeing the present. Willow is in danger.

Chapter Three

The PCs are:
Rangrim: Dwarven Fighter and mercenary from the city of Silverhome in the mountain.
Lina DeLana: Half Elven Ranger looking for her family after she found her home village destroyed.
Malidar: Human Warlord and former Warden and Town Watchman from Duran.
Mortimer: A young human wizard with a thirst for knowledge, but a less than perfect memory
Rhioganeth: An honorable rogue seeking his fortune who finds himself linked to events far greater than his ambitions.

Day Thirteen (Part I)
• The PCs arrive in Duran and go to meet Mortimer’s mentor in the Keepers. His name is Murdock.
• The PCs tell Murdock about their troubles and show him the Shroud bottle. He needs time to research so he directs the PCs to an out of the way tavern called the Shaded Pool. He will meet them there later.
• Malidar wishes to find his old friend Nico Valain who lives near the tavern. His house is empty. They are directed to the Shaded Pool as a frequent destination of Nico’s.
• The PCs find Nico, drunk, and meet up with a person Nico introduces as his friend, Rhioganeth. Rhio and the PCs exchange stories for several hours. They share knowledge of Horned humanoids.
• A group of ruffians, members of the Brotherhood in Shadow gang, enters the bar and demands the PCs attention. They are after the PCs, but call Mortimer out by name.
• Nico gets up to tell the ruffians off and is brutally gutted and beheaded for his trouble. The Players are mad at the DM again.
• A fight ensues. Accompanying the ruffians are two spell casters who shoot white fire from their hands and have small horns protruding from their heads. The PCs capture one of these aberrations.
• As the PCs flee the bar they encounter a teenage boy that states he has been sent by Willow Tallowhand to take them to a safe house.

Day Thirteen (Part II)
• Motimer goes to meet up with Murdock to collect information. (He is not present this session)
• The PCs are taken to a safe house by the boy, Jamie. It takes nearly an hour to get across town quietly as the Watch are on alert due to a mass murder at The Shaded Pool. It is very likely that the Brotherhood in Shadow has agents about as well.
• The safe house is dark and the PCs are attacked by a crazed Willow. He talks deliriously about being attacked by the PCs and about how they are going to murder Jovan Redfur, another member of the Sentinels of Order. Willow runs out of the house and into the night.
• The PCs interrogate the Horned humanoid. He gives them no info and when they kill him, his body spontaneously combusts.
• The PCs are convinced by Rangrim to go to the Halfling’s Hump; a brothel where Rangrim has contacts. He warns the others that he is not supposed to be there and that they will have to be very careful. Rhio is a frequent patron of the Hump.
• Liandra Smoothbottom, the Halfling Madame and Proprietor of the Hump, greets Rangrim and the party with consternation. They are ushered into a backroom. The PCs cobble together a rough plan to lure their doubles to the Hump in order to play them against them Watch and the Brotherhood in Shadow by reporting their whereabouts.
• A ruckus outside sends one of the ladies to alert Liandra and the group. Some thugs are out front trying to force their way in to “get that sonofabitching dwarf”. The PCs are quickly escorted out the back.
• The PCs are greeted by several members of the Twin Reapers gang who are covering the alleyway exit. A woman named Enara tells Rangrim “Your life is forfeit for coming back here. You should have stayed away like we agreed.” There is a fight.
• The PCs are nearly killed, but manage to escape with more than a little luck. They are taken by Liandra and one of the ladies through some sewer tunnels to a tenement house run by Liandra. They rest.

Day Fourteen
• Mortimer rejoins the party. He has info about the Horned humanoids and more.
o The Horned humanoids are called Tieflings. They are descendents of the rulers that held the lands before Numnis was established. They were thought to be dead and have not been seen for over 100 years.
o Tieflings were ruled by and worshipped a being called Asmodeus. He was their patron and creator.
o They had been in league with the Goblin King, Felgar and other monster races. They excavated a gate to the Shadowfell and released the Shroud and other horrors from it. It was closed during the rise of Numinis. They may be trying to open it again.
• The party buries the head of Nico Valain. Rhio recites a lovely poem dedicated the man he called friend. Malidar cries and rages.
• The party gains information from Liandra collected by her ladies on the street.
o The Fellowship in Shadow is working with another group. They are being financed and have increased membership and activity recently.
o Until five days ago, they were providing warehouses and supplies to the Sons of the Beast as they engaged in their slave trade.
o The Fellowship is actively searching for Rhio and Mortimer.
o The Twin Reapers are looking for Rangrim. She speaks of him breaching some sort of pact and that they have been harassing her and the ladies as well.
o Her ladies have been encouraging the gangs and the Watch to search for the PCs hoping that one of the organizations will stumble on the doubles of the PCs.
o Jovan Redfur lives in a small community inside the city called Hillcrest.
• The PCs go shopping in order to make disguises for themselves.
• The PCs head to Hillcrest. They find Jovan’s house. It has been ransacked. They find a 1000 year old Numnisan coin that has been defaced.
• They go to a tavern called Corellon’s Belly; a favorite of the City Watch, to meet with one of Lina’s friends. They learn that the Fellowship in Shadow has been asking people to keep an eye out for an ususual bottle with smoke in it. They are willing to pay well.
• Rhio makes contact with a friend inside the Fellowship named Barker. He is a well-known figure in town and his association with the local gangs is a well-kept secret. They agree to meet at the Sundowner Saloon; a tavern frequented by a small gang called The Daggers.
• The meeting with Barker goes without a hitch. The PCs learn several things.
o Barker has distanced himself from the Fellowship. He does not like the business they have been engaging in of late.
o Barker saw one of the Horned humanoids and it scared the shit out of him.
o The Fellowship is actively working with these monsters.
• The PCs leave town and are escorted to a secret elven waystation outside of Duran, near the town of Trimble, close to Lina’s home village of Rapid Fall.

Day Fifteen (Part I)
• During the early morning watch Lina spots several feral dogs sniffing around the area. The PCs are in their Magic Camp so Lina rouses the rest of the party. Rhio does not wake. His eyes open but they are a solid blood red. He is feverish and unresponsive.
• The dogs sniff out the campsite and howl an alarm. Several black vortexes deposit reinforcements. Orcs and a human whose skin burns away revealing a monster that fights with fiery chains. The Orcs are fighting with pulsing black swords that stretch out to hit the PCs. The monsters demand that the PCs give them the shroud.
• There is a fight. The PCs struggle to win. The Orcs are branded with the mark of the Sons of the Beast.
• Several times during the fight, a large shadow passed over the area where they were.
• The PCs search Rhio and find that he is clutching the Numinisan coin. It is white hot. They knock it from his hand and see that the defaced symbol of Numinis is burned into Rhio’s flesh. He does not respond to any attempts to wake him.
• Mortimer analyzes the coin and finds that it has been enchanted with a spell that broadcasts the location of the coin. Mortimer believes he can break the spell, but they are too exposed to do it here. Lina suggests a secret location behind the falls of her home village. The PCs strap Rhio to a horse and ride off.
• At Rapid Fall, the PCs find the secret area. It is an old temple used by the Numinisans. Mortimer goes to work breaking and reversing the spell. A twisted reptilian monster descends from the sky to confront the PCs. It demands the Shroud and states that its master, Velnias, will not release him until it is retrieved. The PCs destroy it in a fierce battle.
• Mortimer cracks the tracking spell and reverses it. The coin breaks in the process and the defacement disappears. Now the PCs can track whoever enchanted the coin.
• Rhio awakens. They rest.

Day Fifteen (Part II)
• Rhio tells the PCs of the dream he had while he was ensorcelled by the magic of the coin.
o He saw a terrible beast somehow linked to the others. Sometimes the beast was with them and sometimes it was chasing them.
o He saw that the beast is always seeking a twisted bottle with smoke in it.
• The PCs reveal the Shroud to Rhio. He is scared.
• The PCs follow the pull of the coin back to Duran. Inside the crowded town square, Lina glimpses a familiar face, her own. She sees the group of doubles and tells the others in the party. Ragrim shouts and pushes his way through the crowd. The doubles see the commotion and the PCs and flee.
• There is a tense chase through the crowded streets of Duran. Lina hits one with an arrow during the chase and it leaves a trail of blood that is easier to follow.
• The PCs see the doubles as they run into an old two story residence. The pull of the coin is very strong here. There is a tremendous amount of light and energy radiating from the windows of the house. The PCs sneak up and see their doubles speaking to a wretched, twisted beast. It is yelling at the doubles and deep red energy emanates from his mouth and eyes. The PCs open the door.
• The beast speaks. It reveals itself as Velnias and demands the PCs give up the shroud. He talks of how he has suffered due to their interference and that he will not fail his master again. His skin melts away and there is a massive explosion. The building is destroyed, the PCs are thrown, and Velnias has grown to massive proportion. He is a burning monstrosity wielding terrible weapons. Several of the nearby buildings are burning and people have come out of their houses.
• The PCs battle their doubles and the most powerful beast they have ever encountered. They fight valiantly, but Rhio falls.
• Rangrim strikes the killing blow and Velnias explodes in a massive burst of heat. Rhio is burned to death, but the others manage to find shelter against the worst of the blast. Buildings for many blocks have caught fire and already burning fires have begun to rage out of control.
• The PCs flee Duran and head back to Rapid Fall. They Raise Rhio from the dead with a ritual.

Chapter Four


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