City of Duran: Walled City

Population: 10,000

Races: Primarily Human, but all races from the lands live in Duran.

Government: Duran has a mayor, a city council, and a constabulary. The current Mayor is Richard Klatt. The constabulary acts as a peacekeeping and patrol force. They form the City Watch.

Primary features: Duran is walled by 30’ high walls and has three main entrance gates. These are open in daytime and closed and patrolled at night.

Notable Information: The headquarters of the Road Wardens is in Duran. The Keepers also have several buildings and they train Seekers here as well. The city is in god shape overall, with most of the residents being employed or owning businesses. Although the presence of the Wardens HQ here brings something of a mercenary faction to the city, it is fairly peaceful.


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