Farmenton sits in the southern part of the Lands on the border of the Elven Wastes. The surrounding area is a mix of rugged high desert and traditional sandy desert terrain. Farmenton itself is a ramshackle collection of buildings and people that has sprawled out to cover a large area of land. The current population of Farmenton is around 15,000 permanent residents with and additional 3000-5000 coming in daily as merchants and travelers. Farmenton is not a nice place. It is a broken, dirty city that never really recovered from the damage that it and the surrounding land suffered after the cataclysm. Several shanty towns on the outskirts of the city give testament to the harsh conditions and abject poverty that surrounds and pervades Farmenton.

History Farmenton was a thriving agricultural city before the cataclysm. The arcane energy unleashed decimated the land and ruined the livelihoods of thousands of people that made their livings on the land. While thousands died in the initial blast of the cataclysm, many more died of starvation and poverty in the decades following the fall. The population dwindled and “Survival of the Strongest” became the guiding principle of those remaining. The vacuum of power was quickly filled by savage and criminal people seeking to take all they could and subjugate any who got in their way. Several decades passed before the chaos was reigned in and a stable form of governance began to take shape. Led by (insert hero name), and allies from Duran, the people of Farmenton slowly eliminated the corrupt and evil powers that had held sway for so long. A stable government and peacekeeping body was established in the year ??.

Government Farmenton has existed as an independent city for several decades. A mayor heads up a system governed by several city council members. Weekly meetings allow the residents to voice their opinions and allow them to help to govern. A trade commission oversees the licensing and regulation of both permanent and travelling merchants. A city watch enforces the laws on the streets and several Justices of the Peace hold hearings for those accused of criminal wrongdoing. The government pays The Wardens to patrol their roads and the surrounding areas. Taxes are modest and allow the city to maintain the necessary services. The primary focus of spending has been to maintain what is there. Forward progress is slow, but the standard of living is kept at a reasonable. While the overt criminal elements were eliminated, the remnants work in the shadows with bribes, payoffs, and favors being traded to accomplish their goals.

Commerce Most of the farmland around Farmenton was razed arcane energy from the cataclysm. There are small areas that are still workable and animal ranching is still possible in the scrubland. The city of Farmenton has all of the usual commercial ventures. Shops of all kinds exist throughout the city. Open air markets bring in traders from all around the lands and food and animals are regularly bought and sold in them as well. Inns and taverns are scattered about the city to give rest to the weary and the thirsty. A mild climate, flat terrain, and large warehouse area makes Farmenton an excellent place for long term storage.

Social Farmenton is the only city that allows the monster races to move about freely within it. This is partly due to the need to collect tax revenue from any who live in the city, but more so it is related to the poor protection afforded by the crumbling walls and semi-corrupt Watch. Despite having a reliable government, life in the city of Farmenton is still a struggle. Most of what was destroyed in the cataclysm has never been rebuilt. The city and its buildings were damaged and the constant battle to maintain what remains is part of daily life in Farmenton. The criminal underground often hassles the citizens in a variety of ways. Elements of the Watch are corrupt and often willing to look the other way for a few coins. Life is hard in Farmenton and those that live there rarely find the means to make their way out.

Recent Developments In the past year The Sons of the Beast have begun to work with several of the small gangs in the city to bring new crime and corruption to Farmenton. The Sons have squads of thugs patrolling the streets and taking people from dark corners of the city. A secret slave operation, funded by the Sons, has established operations within the city. A residential house in a crowed neighborhood was used as an office. In the warehouse district a large building was a holding and exchange pen for recently captured slaves. Auctions were being held in one of the shanty areas, appropriately called Shit Town. The variety of slaves available suggests that the Sons of the Beast are taking people from all over the lands and bringing them to auctions.


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