The cataclysm killed most of the people living in the Empire at the time it happened. The survivors were left in a state of chaos. The ruling class was dead. The nobles were dead. The Emperor was dead. Lucky for the survivors, several of the Empire’s mightiest heroes survived and were able to provide guidance. They have all long since passed into history. While there is no way to know if they became divine beings after their death, their works and teachings are still revered today.

Erathis Erathis helped to secure the roads and small settlements from the monsters that began to come out of the wild in the abscence of a large population of Empire citizens. Erathis taught the people to fight back the monsters and how to setup defensible settlements. Erathis is revered as the sprit of strength and fortitude in a dangerous and wild world. She is honored by travellers of all kinds as well as by the people who choose to live in small settlements surrounded by the wild. Her shrines are usually found in the outposts, villages, and towns of the Fallen Lands. Erathis was responsible for the founding of the Road Wardens organization and they follow her tenets still today.

Avandra Avandra’s taught the survivors of the cataclysm to be daring and bold in pursuing their new endeavors. Avandra beleived that change was good and that despite the tradgedy that had befallen the people of Numinis, they now had a chance to rebuild and make things even better than they were before. Avandra taught that fortune is made by those that take fate into their hands and shape it through their will. Avandra is revered today as a spirit of fortune, risk, and luck. The people that travel the Fallen Lands usually ask Avandra to favor their path and to protect them from unfortunate circumstances. Her shrines can be found in all settlements and many roadside stops as she is widely revered.

Ioun Ioun was the bearer of knowledge after the fall. Ioun walked the roads and visited the newly developing or rebuilding settlements recruitng people to keep knowledge of Numinis alive. He taught both the written and oral traditions of keeping history alive. Ioun is responsible for the retention of arcane knowledge in a time when magic was feared for the destruction it had recently wrought. Ioun and his followers are responsible for the spread and retention of literacy among the survivors of the fall. Ioun called his followers The Keepers and an organization of this nature still exists today. They also have a recruiting branch called Seekers. These recruits act as interns, scouts, delivery personnel, and other roles too menial or martial for the Keepers to attend to.

Moradin Moradin, a Dwarf, taught the Human survivors of the cataclysm many trade skills before retiring to the mountains to ensure the safety and survival of his brethren in the Ghostcrag Peaks. Little is known of him in the human occupied areas of the Fallen Lands. He is said to be interred in a tomb under the Peaks.

The Heroes of the Empire did not see eye to eye on many things after the cataclysm. Two in particular saw the Empire’s fall as the end of an era and a sign of humanity’s weakness. They worked against the other hereos and the human survivors, forever vexing their efforts to live in complete harmony.

Gruumsh Gruumsh saw the fall of Numinis as a sign that the time of humanity and the other civilized races was at an end. Gruumsh went into the wild and taught the monsters and savage humans how to make war against the survivors of the cataclysm. Gruumsh is exhorted in the rampant slaughter that his followers practice today. Many monster races revere him and his teachings including: Orcs, Goblinoids, Trolls, Ogres, and Gnolls. Barbaric humans also follow the ways of Gruumsh. Followers of Gruumsh, known as the Sons of the Beast, are not unknown in civilized areas, but their violent and criminal ways are not well tolerated in most settlements.

Zehir Little is known of Zehir’s deeds after the cataclysm. He was little more than a shadow and it is said that he fostered a society of thieves and murderers that still exisits today. His name is whipered in curses and used to frighten children. Zehir represents the insidious, the fiendish, darkness, and the unknown terror. To say his name is to invite terrible misfortune onto yourself. Open worship of Zehir is not tolerated in civilized places.

Gods There are only two known divine beings in the Fallen Lands.

The Raven Queen Death is a constant in the Fallen Lands. Life is hard and death is all too frequent a visitor. The desire to have the dead reach safety in the Raven Queen’s domain is a major concern to the people of the Fallen Lands. Having been driven from their ancestral mines by ghosts, the dwarven people especially revere the Raven Queen and make offerings to her in the hopes that she will take back the lost souls that drove them from their homes. The Raven Queen is revered as protector and guide of the dead. She is often prayed to in times of danger as people ask for an extension on their lives. Shrines to the Raven Queen can be found outside many of the abandoned dwarven mines and in every settlement no matter the size.

Corellon Corellon lives in the Feywild. His existence was unknown until the cataclysm sent most of the elves into the Feywild. Corellon greeted the elves there and guided them in their sruggles against the malign creatures that inhabited the Feywild before their arrival. Corellon is a patron of magic, beauty, and art. He is also the sole power keeping the Feywild from completely spilling over into and consuming the Fallen Lands.


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