The Keepers

The Keepers were founded by Ioun in the years after the cataclysm. The blast from the cataclysm spread far into the lands of the empire and many things were consumed by the magical energy. Entire building and their contents were disintegrated in an instant. This was most prominent in the elven lands as they lost their entire civilization to the magical energy that ravaged their lands. The lands held by Numinis were struck as well. Though the damage was less dramatic than in the elven lands, it was more widespread.

The libraries and repositories of knowledge were badly damaged and much information was lost. Ioun took it on himself to go out and collect what was left and to use his vast knowledge and powerful memory to recreate missing information and to help create a new archive of the distant and recent past. Ioun went among the survivors and collected up those that had talents in reading, writing, storytelling, and scholarly pursuits. He built a small cadre and they began to roam the lands searching for remnants of the written history of Numinis. He called them the Keepers.

The Keepers collected any information they could find. They wrote down stories told to them by survivors of their history and the ways that the cataclysm had affected them. The Keepers spread the oral tradition among the people and told them the tales of Numinis. The Keppers also taught people to read and write to ensure that knowledge could be kept alive through literacy. The Keepers were a tremendous force for good following the years of rebuilding after the empire fell.

The Keepers still exist in modern times. They established temples in the major settlements. The temples function as libraries, schools, and social centers. They are places where the common people gather to learn about current events and to take lessons in history. Scholars gather in them to further their knowledge. The Keeper temples are beacons of civilization from a bygone age.

The Keepers now pursue scholarly work rather than gathering information in the field. For this purpose, the Keepers hire recruits and send them out into the lands. Those wishing to join the Keepers must first do the duty as Seekers. Seekers are the field agents of the Keeper order. They search out knowledge in crumbling ruins. They are dispatched to ancient crypts and tombs to gather artifacts. They roam the lands collecting news and spread it among the many settlements that now exist. Most importantly, they keep literacy and learning alive by teaching any who ask and by guiding people to seek out the Keeper temples and learn the history of Numinis.

The Keepers

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