The Fallen Lands

100 years ago a magical accident in a small town unleashed a wave of energy that destroyed the Empire of Numinis and sent the people of the Empire into a dark age of anarchy, chaos, and bitter struggles against the darkness encroaching in the Empire’s abscence.

The magical energy spread through the lands killing people and crumbling buildings. This wave of destructive power also passed southward into the Elven lands. There it clashed with tremendous magical power wielded by the elves. The resulting explosion tore a hole in the fabric of space and drew most the Elven people into it. The secondary wave of energy sent from the clashing of magical forces scoured the Elven lands of all plant and animal life; leaving behind a wretched and barren desert wasteland. The small town of Greenfield was the epicienter of the magical blast. Greenfield was razed and corrupt arcane energy seeped into everything for miles around. 100 years later, the remnants of that day can still be felt. While the area previously occupied by Greenfield can be passed through safely, the land itself in uninhabitable. Today the area is simply known as Fallen Field. The lands previously ruled by Numinis are now a wild frontier. Today they are called the Fallen Lands. Several factions struggle for power in the vaccuum left by the fall of Numinis. It is into these struggles that the heroes are drawn. Will they find their place or become victims of the Fallen Lands?

Geography and Recent History

The Fallen Lands: The Ruins of Numinis

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